The Book

"I See You, I Hear You (and I Understand)"

About the Book

This book may be one of your greatest assets as you seek the appropriate support for your child's education. I can't wait for you to dive in and unlock your child's potential! Above all, this book will empower parents & educators to know they are not alone and there are so many resources available to you.

"I See You, I Hear You (and I Understand)" was written to help your child feel seen, heard, and understood on both sides of the classroom.

Even though it may seem like the system is against you, there are so many resources available! My mission is to help you work together with the school to advocate for your child and get them the best support possible. 

The positive and collaborative approach in this book will empower you to help your learner be seen for their abilities, not their disabilities.

Book Review

"The author clearly has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in navigating the often confusing special education world. This book is good for those starting a journey with a special educator or those who have been in the field for years (teacher or parents)."
Brook N (Amazon Review)

This book is for you if you....

  • Feel lost and confused while going through the special education process.
  • Don't feel like your child is being seen or heard. 
  • Feel like you're working against the education system instead of with it. 

This book will help you...

  • Create a vision for your child.
  • Empower you as a parent/educator.
  • Build a positive and collaborative relationship between the parents, schools, and the rest of your support team. 
  • Demystify the special education process. 
  • Offer expert advice for IEP and 504 planning. 
  • Get ongoing support so you and your child feel seen, and heard, and understood. 

How I Can Help

If you've been looking for help and haven't known where to get it, you're in the right place! Be sure to checkout the resources I have specifically for parents and educators.