~ Parents of a 5 year old boy

Our son Daniel had a speech delay early (2 years old) as a child.  When we moved to Pennsylvania, Daniel was 3 years old. we met with the county's Intermediate Unit (IU) to have an IEP created to help him receive services to help with his speech.  The IU unit made arrangements for him to attend preschool where he had specific speech classes.  He was also receiving some occupational therapy for sensory issues that he had, such as loud noises and touch. 

When Daniel began attending kindergarten in our school district, the school knew he had an IEP and we did meet with their staff to review his needs and how they would be addressed.  After the first half of the school year, we felt that Daniel was not receiving the attention he should have been.  At that time, we scheduled a follow up meeting with Debbie Sharp.  The staff at the school initially felt intimidated that Debbie was in the meeting, but she was excellent in expressing that we were meeting for the well-being of Daniel and making sure he received the services he needed.  She asked all of the right questions and at the end of the meeting, the school staff was encouraging and ready to make sure Daniel received the services that he needed.

             ~parent of 8 year old boy

I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Debbie for the help that she has provided me and my family! I met Debbie prior to my son's IEP writing session. She prepared me so well for what I would experience. She kindly and patiently walked me through all that would happen. She gave me confidence, making me feel empowered to be an integral part of his Special Education team. I appreciate knowing I can call her to help me interpret the recommendations suggested for my son, and she will do so in such a nurturing way. She is a wonderful resource an an asset to me and my son's Special Education Resource Team!

                 ~4th grade teacher

Debbie was a need our school didn't know it needed until she arrived. She is a gem of a teacher, collaborator, facilitator and mediator. I worked with Debbie co-teaching for several years in my fourth grade classroom. Her ability to see where she's needed enabled a natural and free flowing way in the classroom. Students respected her and rose to her standards and expectations with ease.

She has an honest and straightforward approach with not only her students, but her colleagues as well. She helped me multiple times identifying students who needed intervention. We would collaborate often about how to support those students and we would follow up to see if the support was in fact working.

She was a strong bridge between the students, their parents, and myself. She coordinated and facilitated meetings to allow for honest and open communication regarding the progress of the student.  In these meetings, she would co-create goals for the students to allow consistent and fair progress. Her energy, knowledge, and expertise is greatly missed. Nobody has ever been able to replace her.