The Free Parent Input Statement

What is it?

This Parent Input Statement was designed with two purposes. First, we want you to feel completely confident as you meet with your child's school regarding their needs. This will help you prepare for that conversation. 

We also want you to have a better understanding of who your child is and how to bring them lasting success in the home and in the classroom. This Parent Input Statement also dives deeper into who your child really is. What do they like and dislike? What are their greatest needs so they can thrive?

Whether your next school meeting is an IEP/504, parent teacher conference, or a meet and greet, you will feel better prepared with this Parent Input Statement in hand!

In the classroom, your child may need an IEP or a 504 plan to help them achieve success. However, these tools are not the only things that can help them reach their full potential. I have created this Parent Input Statement to bring your child’s vision to life!

This statement is to help you get clear on who your child is and what they need to succeed. It's 4 pages total. 

How I Can Help

If you've been looking for help and haven't known where to get it, you're in the right place! Be sure to checkout the resources I have specifically for educators and parents.
"Debbie Sharp's special education degrees and years of experience teaching and working with children make her uniquely qualified to understand and navigate the systems, resources, and people that comprise our educational ecosystem. She incorporates her background in holistic therapies to round out a comprehensive approach to viewing each child and family as a distinct, singular opportunity to build a program that is best suited to each family. Debbie's passion for making every child and family successful and self-reliant means that she brings positive energy, tough love, and a wealth of knowledge to the table. I worked with Debbie to address early development and sensory issues we encountered with my youngest child. She helped me navigate an often overwhelming amount of paperwork, process, and people, teaching me how to best advocate for my son to get him the extra attention he needed. He's a thriving 9 year old boy today, who is happy at school and has learned coping skills for stress management - and this happy Mama learned a few things, too! 
—Theresa Colarusso 
"My triplets had multiple delays....we found Debbie...she understood my kids and advocated for them...the girls are now thriving in school and in life!"
Cindy, Mom