Parents Start Here

Here are the 4 simple steps to finally feel empowered to navigate the educational system for your child.

My goal is that you feel empowered!

Right now you might feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed navigating the education system.

The first thing I want you do is take a deep breath.  Being a parent is hard. You are doing an incredible job.

Now, let's help you organize your thoughts, get to know your child better, and make a plan to get the support and services you both need to be successful.

Step 1: Fill Out the Parent Input Statement

Whether your next school meeting is an IEP/504, parent teacher conference or beginning of the year meet and greet; you'll feel better prepared to talk about your child by organizing it all beforehand. This Parent Input Statement will get you ready!

Step 2: Take the Learning Strengths Inventory

Knowing your child’s preferred learning style and recognizing their strengths will help you become a better partner in your child's educational journey.  You will know how to support your child during homework as well as communicate with their teachers on how to meet your child's needs at school.

Step 3: Schedule Your Free 30 Min Consultation

Once you've completed steps 1 and 2, you're ready for your personalized consultation. We will review your results from the first activities and prepare an action plan for you to move forward with confidence. 

Step 4: Join Our Facebook Community

Join the conversation with parents and educators in the Who's Learning Now Community.

Have you ordered the book yet?

Don't miss out on one of your greatest support tools!

"I See You, I Hear You (and I Understand)" was written to help your child feel seen, heard, and understood on both sides of the classroom.

Even though it may seem like the system is against you, there are so many resources available! My mission is to help you work together with the school to advocate for your child and get them the best support possible. 

The positive and collaborative approach in this book will empower your learner to be seen for their abilities, not their disabilities.

Book Review

"The author clearly has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in navigating the often confusing special education world. This book is good for those starting a journey with a special educator or those who have been in the field for years (teacher or parents)."
Brook N. (Amazon Review)