Debbie Sharp, M.Ed and owner of Who’s Learning Now, excels as an educational advocate skillfully connecting with overwhelmed parents and teachers. With a strong emphasis on effective communication, she meets parents and professionals where they are at, fostering confidence and support. Debbie offers engaging sessions at educational conferences, professional development events, and workshops, fostering positive change in learning environments. 

 When it comes to our children, we are all better together.

Hiring Debbie to Speak

Debbie customizes her presentations to meet your needs and can present in different formats, including keynote, panel discussion, half-day workshop, or full-day seminar. While she offers a variety of speaking topics, her most requested topics are:
How to Empower Children Beyond Disabilities

In this Thought Leader Talks presentation, Debbie Sharp shares:

  1. A glimpse into how neurodivergent children may feel in a world that doesn't support them

  2. Her 3-step formula to help children with different learning styles

  3. How you can support the children in your life as an adult and educator

Harmony in Education: Becoming a Collaborative and Positive IEP Team Member

At this professional workshop, Debbie shares with educators:

  1. How to foster effective communication between school team members, parents, and other stakeholders. Ideas are heard and to seen with an understanding of diverse perspectives.

  2. Three step process on how Team members can value the expertise of each member.

  3. Keep the student’s best interests and needs at the forefront. Demonstrate a commitment to their academic and social-emotional growth, advocating for appropriate resources and accommodations to meet their unique needs.

Unleashing Potential: Nurturing Learning Strengths for Academic Success

Watch a clip of the presentation here

During this parent and educator presentation, Debbie shares:

  1. The 4 key learning styles woven into the 4 key areas of strength.

  2. Why knowing the learning strengths of your child and student is the key to their success.

  3. Accommodations and modifications that can meet the child/ student where they are at when developing and new skills.

Debbie crafts keynotes, adapting seamlessly to your needs with versatile formats—keynote, panel, workshop, or seminar—ensuring an unforgettable experience for decision-makers seeking expert insights.

As Featured On
"Our agency was creating webinar presentations to assist families in our community during the height of the COVID pandemic.  We needed experts and when we discussed the topic of supporting children with online learning I thought of Debbie given her vast experience in education.  I’m so glad I asked her because she absolutely knocked it out of the park.  She was a delight to work with on planning and brought the perfect amount of knowledge to the presentation so parents didn’t feel overwhelmed.  Debbie did a great job balancing her valuable education and tips while also interacting with participants by responding to their personal questions and concerns. Her warm manner and light humor created an engaging and well received event for all who attended.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with what she gave to our community and can’t wait to use her as a resource again in the future.”
David Miller, LMHC

Are you ready to book Debbie as your next impactful speaker?

To schedule a workshop or speaking engagement, or if you have a topic that you would like to discuss further, please contact me.

Workshop Testimonial

"Debbie Sharp has presented workshops on Preparing for Preschool and Kindergarten to our parents and early childhood staff. Debbie is a wonderful facilitator as she is able to address subjects in a way that brings in her life experiences as a parent while also articulating the knowledge she brings from years of education and experience. Reviews of Debbie’s workshops are always positive. Parents find her easy to talk to and feel they receive answers to their questions that are practical and doable.  Debbie is always a pleasure to work with and I learn something new each time I hear her." 
Kathy Harlow,  Program Manager, North Suburban Child and Family Resource Network

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