Going Back to School in a Pandemic

Join Debbie as she give suggestions on getting back to school after summer and help navigate getting back to school during the pandemic.  

Her first tip is to get them talking by leading with WH (who, what, when, where) questions.  She discusses how some parents may not bring it up because they want their children to just enjoy summer, but our children are thinking about it anyway! She gives some great ideas on questions you can ask to really understand their thoughts and feelings. 

The second tip is to set up expectations for the new year, what to expect from their teachers or what some new procedures might be, or what things they might learn in their new year of school and how the new year might be different from their previous year. Be open and accepting of the shift in change and prepare them there will be some unknowns, but honor their feelings and let them know you are there for them. 

The third tip is to play more! We learned at the beginning of the pandemic that we actually enjoyed the unstructured time vs. overscheduled time. Now that things have opened up and we are getting back to school and extra-curriculars, remember this type of "play" is structured. Debbie discusses the importance of unstructured play and how we can give these important opportunities to our children. 

The final tip is to keep healthy! Debbie discusses the ways to include your family members, including children, on working as a team to keep the family healthy.  Remember to use tools such as essential oils to keep your health and immune systems up so your family can stay healthy during the fall and winter months. Make sure your family is moving their bodies and getting adequate sleep which will also keep the immune systems strong!