Let's Talk About Mental Health

Join Debbie as she discusses some personal experiences around mental health struggles within her family and how to navigate the journey which at times can seem hour by hour, day by day, or month by month. 

During this journey she recognized that what could be part of growing and puberty might actually be a bigger mental health issue. While she was hesitant to get an official diagnosis for her child, she was able to understand that the diagnosis would actually help her get the support she needed. Debbie goes on to discuss how the stages of navigating mental health are similar to the 5 stages of grief.  She provides the 3 tips that are helping her family as they navigate toward acceptance.

Bonus: Caller Rich asks how to keep his nephew with autism occupied and entertained as he helps watch him during the week. Debbie discusses a variety of ideas that could be useful during their time and he ends the call stating "this made my day!"