Developing Family Dynamics and a TEAM at home

Debbie discusses the players at home and reminds us that each family member, regardless of age, should get a voice. She discusses that each persons thoughts and opinions should be able to be voiced and heard. It isn't about being right or wrong or getting each person's way, but more about everyone being seen and heard and this can be done by implementing team meetings. 

Team meetings: 

Recognize that everyone has a strength, perspective, and a say. Remember parents can say NO, but this is about creating a safe space for the family. By bringing everyone together in the same physical space and mental space will help everyone know expectations, feelings and be on the same page. 

Getting started: 

Remember, anyone in the family can call a team meeting. 

Set the purpose. What is coming up that needs to be discussed? This can be as simple as developing new routines, what to eat for the week, where to go on a family vacation, or pointing out a problem that may be occurring within the family. 

It's important to lead with each person's strengths. If someone is a great listener, task them with summarizing each thing someone is saying. If they like cooking, let them cook the meals you discuss. Leaning on each person's strengths helps them feel valuable and needed within the family.