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Education is constantly changing these days, and when you have a child who needs a bit more attention, it can leave you feeling underequipped and overwhelmed.

I love - truly love - watching kids be in their genius zone. I believe every child has a unique gift and a way to express it. Being able to help both teachers and parents see those strengths, and how to nurture the child to develop their gifts, is what gets me out of bed everyday. 

You can count on me to be a positive and collaborative team member, advocating for you and your child. I lead with Empathy, which allows me to see all sides - and feelings - in any situation. You will always receive clear and direct communication from me, helping you feel safe and accompanied in the process. I build strong bridges of relationships, so the child gets what they need. With unique programs, tools and developing a strengths focus, we all get a chance to see the child through their eyes.
for parents: which parent are you?
We all pass through different stages in the path of helping our child. Knowing where you are allows us to get you the exact help you need.
They suspect there is something going on with their child, but it may not be confirmed yet. Or, they may have confirmation that something is different, but they are at the very beginning of the process. Whichever the case, this parent is very new to the world of special needs.
feels: lost
They suddenly realize there is a very big world of special education and don't know where to start. It may feel like being in a boat, in uncharted waters and without a rudder. They are overwhelmed, not knowing who to ask or where to start. They feel a sense of urgency that they have to do something - now.
They know there is something going on and they are in the system, yet they are not seeing results. They might feel like it is them against the system (school and government). It's a struggle to create partnerships and they may need more help finding the right resources.
feels: stuck
While looking for support, they may stumble upon angry parents. Ones that have been stuck and feel as if the system has failed them. They are out to “get back” and may not be helpful at all. It is important to be cautious. Be sure to ask for help that is helpful and not harmful.
These parents (who can overlap with both new and frustrated parents) have done a lot of research on their own. They understand some or all of their child’s situation. They are looking for information and knowledge. Their child & the system are a puzzle they want to solve. 
feels: overwhelm
There is so much to take in, that they can get lost in the amount of information they find. In the end, if they get frustrated, they will look to their research for answers. If they need to create a plan with the school, they are open to creating a partnership with the appropriate outside sources.

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"Debbie Sharp's special education degrees and years of experience teaching and working with children make her uniquely qualified to understand and navigate the systems, resources, and people that comprise our educational ecosystem. 

She incorporates her background in holistic therapies to round out a comprehensive approach to viewing each child and family as a distinct, singular opportunity to build a program that is best suited to each family. Debbie's passion for making every child and family successful and self-reliant means that she brings positive energy, tough love, and a wealth of knowledge to the table. 

I worked with Debbie to address early development and sensory issues we encountered with my youngest child. She helped me navigate an often overwhelming amount of paperwork, process, and people, teaching me how to best advocate for my son to get him the extra attention he needed. He's a thriving 9 year old boy today, who is happy at school and has learned coping skills for stress management - and this happy Mama learned a few things, too!"
—theresa, mom 
"I contacted Who's Learning Now because my daughter was not being seen or heard. My daughter is not just another child with special needs. She is unique and has her own strengths. I wanted a plan that is designed for her, not just a one size fits all program. I needed support to get the school to see her the way everyone else sees her."
—Joy, mom

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If you've been looking for help and haven't known where to get it, I'm here to support you! You and your child have me as your advocate to help you navigate all you both will need to get your child to their full potential!

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