Free Parent Organizers

What are they? Why do we feel you need them?

As a parent supporting a child with different needs, it can be confusing and overwhelming preparing to meet with the school.  These three organizers were developed for you to feel better organized and prepared when meeting with your child's school. Keep in mind that while these documents may say IEP, they can be used for 504s as well. 

The first resource is an IEP Binder Checklist.  This checklist will help you understand what types of documents and data you want to have gathered all in one place. It could be in a 3 ring binder or any other method that works for you!  The point is just to have easy access to your child's information. 

Next is an IEP Checklist. You will usually meet with your child's IEP/504 team once a year, but may be more often if you need to hold an emergency meeting because you feel there needs to be a review and/or change to the current IEP/504. As you prepare for this meeting, the checklist will help you feel better prepared to meet with the team.

Last is the Parent Input Statement which was designed with two purposes. First, we want you to feel completely confident as you meet with your child's school regarding their needs. This will help you prepare for that conversation. 

We also want you to have a better understanding of who your child is and how to bring them lasting success in the home and in the classroom. This Parent Input Statement dives deeper into who your child really is. What do they like and dislike? What are their greatest needs so they can thrive?

It is so important to bring your Child's Voice to every IEP meeting. This organizer will help you interview your child and find out exactly how they feel and what they need from school. Also, remember as they get older, they can even participate in the IEP meeting (check your state laws for the approved age).

By answering the questions on these organizers, you will be prepared to present your child to be seen not only for their disabilities and for their abilities!

Are you looking for more ways to organize your child's data and keep your notes and thoughts in one place?

I created the first Special Education Journal just for you!

This journal provides a dedicated space for you to document your child's unique strengths, challenges, and experiences. By recording thoughts, communication, behaviors, and symptoms, you'll be better equipped to: 

  • Communicate effectively with your child's school and support team.
  • Advocate for your child's specific needs during meetings and discussions.
  • Track progress and celebrate achievements.
  • Stay organized and keep all essential information in one place.
By keeping this journal, you are taking an active role in advocating for your child's needs and ensuring their success. Your voice is essential. Together, we can create a brighter future for your child.

Looking for the next step to support your student?

Knowing your child’s preferred learning style and recognizing their strengths will help you become a better partner in your child's educational journey.  You will know how to support your child during homework as well as communicate with their teachers on how to meet your child's needs at school.
"Debbie Sharp's special education degrees and years of experience teaching and working with children make her uniquely qualified to understand and navigate the systems, resources, and people that comprise our educational ecosystem. She incorporates her background in holistic therapies to round out a comprehensive approach to viewing each child and family as a distinct, singular opportunity to build a program that is best suited to each family. Debbie's passion for making every child and family successful and self-reliant means that she brings positive energy, tough love, and a wealth of knowledge to the table. I worked with Debbie to address early development and sensory issues we encountered with my youngest child. She helped me navigate an often overwhelming amount of paperwork, process, and people, teaching me how to best advocate for my son to get him the extra attention he needed. He's a thriving 9 year old boy today, who is happy at school and has learned coping skills for stress management - and this happy Mama learned a few things, too! 
—Theresa Colarusso 
"My triplets had multiple delays....we found Debbie...she understood my kids and advocated for them...the girls are now thriving in school and in life!"
Cindy, Mom