The Free Learning Strengths Inventory™

What Is It?

This inventory will help you discover your child's preferred learning styles and strengths so they can thrive in life and school. We want to you empower you to advocate and support your child and the first step is getting to know them.

What Does It Do?

As you are answering the questions on this assessment, you are identifying your preferred learning style. This indicates your natural tendencies for taking in and understanding new information. You may feel you relate to characteristics from other learning styles as well - and that’s OK! Our goal is to help you develop skills and strategies to maximize all four learning styles, while understanding your particular strengths.

We believe everybody should grow and learn by leaning into their strengths, rather than focusing on their weaknesses. Knowing your preferred learning style and your natural strengths will help you face each new learning opportunity as your best self.

Knowing your child’s preferred learning style and recognizing their strengths helps you identify consistent patterns which will help them develop into communicative, productive, independent and self-sufficient citizens of the world.

Who Is It For?

Non-Reading Children
This assessment is designed especially for those children who are limited in their reading/writing ability.

Fluent Readers & Writers
This assessment adds a level of depth for elementary age children who can read and write.

Teens & Adults
This assessment is also designed for those in middle, high school, and beyond.

How I Can Help

If you've been looking for help and haven't known where to get it, you're in the right place! Be sure to checkout the resources I have specifically for educators and parents.

What Others Are Saying

"Debbie has done learning assessments for both of my daughters. Through this process, she has helped me to understand how my girls learn and retain information, as well as the ways I can best support them during homework and remote school. This has helped our relationships as well. For example, my daughter Arden is a visual learner. She likes to both write things out and draw them to fully understand them. After she does her nightly reading, she often sketches a picture to explain to me what has happened in her story."
Noelle, Mom 
"The Learning Style Inventory was extremely informative and helped me to better understand my daughter’s best method of learning. It provided comprehensive feedback on strategies that my daughter can use during school to help her advocate for herself and to help increase her knowledge and understanding. This tool provided by Debbie Sharp at Who’s Learning Now is beneficial and a supportive measure to all students, parents and teachers."
—Kylie, Mom And Ot

Meet The Creators

Of the Learning Strengths Inventory™

Meet Debbie

My name is Debbie Sharp. I am an educational consultant, special education advocate, wellness advocate and owner of who’s learning now, LLC. 

I see ideas. I see possibilities. I see the power of positive collaboration. Whether bridging the gap in the education process for our children, supporting parents, or teaching the benefits of essential oils in the educational space, you can count on me to passionately advocate for YOU.

Meet Jo

My name is Jo Self and I am a certified Gallup CliftonStrengths® Coach who has been fascinated and motivated by the benefits of Strengths Psychology since 2003.

As the mother of a dynamic, young boy, I dream of a future where are talents aren't wasted, potentials are realized and happiness is contagious. I am driven by and inspired to create lasting positive change for others. I partner with individuals, groups and organizations to realize their potential and improve performance. By using innovative strategies and cutting edge talent tools, we take the blinders off and remove the barriers to your success. You can learn more about me by clicking through to my website with the button below.