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We help overwhelmed parents confidently get the appropriate supports and services for their child. Through coaching, you will learn to trust your own parent gut and to advocate for your child so they will be successful at school.

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are you feeling
overwhelmed & confused about getting supports and services for your child at school?
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to understand the IEP & 504 process?
are you unsure
how to work with school to make sure your child gets what they need?

I’m Debbie Sharp, the founder of Who’s Learning Now. I’m passionate about meeting children where they’re at to get the support they need. I believe children need to be seen for their abilities, not their disabilities and I know how to make it happen.

If you’ve been feeling alone and frustrated while navigating school support for your child, you’re not alone. I’ve got what you need. Through my 30 years of experience in the education world I’ve created tools, systems, and strategies to get your child seen. Together we will discover where your child is, meet them where they’re at, and make a plan for them to make progress.

At Who’s Learning Now you’ll get support, strength, and confidence to advocate for your child in a way that feels positive and collaborative with the school. You’ll feel like a valued member of the education team working to shape your child into the successful adult they’ll someday be.

On this site you’re going to find some great tools and resources to support you and your child on their education journey. If you’re still finding yourself lost and confused, let’s connect
client testimonials
"I contacted Who's Learning Now because my daughter was not being seen or heard. My daughter is not just another child with special needs. She is unique and has her own strengths. I wanted a plan that is designed for her, not just a one size fits all program. I needed support to get the school to see her the way everyone else sees her. Debbie met all this & more!"
~ Joy, mom

“Before Debbie came into our lives, everything seemed like a challenge. Learning and life were very difficult. After we started working with Debbie, my son started to flourish…”
~ Ann

If you've been looking for help and haven't known where to get it, I'm here to support you! 

I see ideas. I see possibilities. I see the power of positive collaboration. Whether bridging the gap in the education process for our children, supporting parents, or teaching educators to dive into their gifts, you can count on me to passionately advocate for YOU.

No matter where you are in your journey, you and your child have me as your advocate.  I'll help you navigate all you both will need to get your child to their full potential! 

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