let's get started!

Right now you might feel lost, confused and overwhelmed navigating the 
education system for your child. 

The first thing I want you do is take a deep breath.  Being a parent is hard. 
You are doing the best you can.  

Now, let's help you organize your thoughts, get to know your child better 
and make a plan to help you feel confident getting them the supports 
and services they need to be successful.

First, let's organize your thoughts with your
parent input statement

This statement is to help you as a parent organize your thoughts regarding who your child is, where they currently are, and where they are going! You'll dive deeper into your child's likes, dislikes and put together their vision of the future.
Your child has a vision and the gifts needed to make their vision come true. In the classroom, your child may need an IEP or a 504 plan to help them achieve success. However, these tools are not the only things that can help them reach their full potential. I have created this Parent Input Statement to bring your child’s vision to life! 

Whether your next school meeting is an IEP/504, parent teacher conference or beginning of the year meet and greet; you'll feel better prepared to talk about your child by organizing it all prior to the meeting and your team will love it!

Download it now and work with your child to create a bright and beautiful future for them.  

Next, let's get to know your child better! Do you know how your child learns best?
Find out with the learning strengths inventory!

Knowing your child’s preferred learning style and recognizing their strengths will help you become a better partner in your child's educational journey.  You will know how to support your child during homework as well as communicate with their teachers on how to meet your child's needs at school.  

i see you, i hear you, and i understand
Are you ready to feel confident when collaborating with the school? I wrote this book for you! 

I wrote this book to help your child feel seen, heard, and understood both inside and outside the classroom. We use your child's learning styles and strengths to highlight their abilities not their disabilities. This guide will answer your questions on how to get the appropriate support and services for your child's education.

let's work together to empower you and your child in their journey

You might be ready to connect 
with me now if:
  • You filled out the Parent Input Statement and are not sure what to do with the information or how to present it confidently
  • You took the learning strengths inventory & want to dive in deeper to your child's results
  • You read my book, i see you, i hear you, and i understand, and still need more personalized support
  • You are feeling too overwhelmed and confused. You need an education consultant now
I'm ready to be on your team!

"I contacted who's learning now because my daughter was not being seen or heard. My daughter is not just another child with special needs. She is unique and has her own strengths.  I wanted a plan that is designed for her, not just a one size fits all program. I needed support to get the school to see her the way everyone else sees her."

~ Amy, parent