creating a child's vision

child vision organizer

Your child has a vision and the gifts needed to make their vision come true. In the classroom, your child may need an IEP or a 504 plan to help them achieve success. However, these tools are not the only things that can help them reach their full potential. I have created this Vision Organizer to bring your child’s vision to life! Please take this gift and work with your child to create a bright and beautiful future for them.

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Once you have completed your Child’s Vision Organizer, schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn about other resources Who’s Learning Now has to offer!

wln learning strengths inventory™

are you curious what your child's strengths and learning styles are? Take this free inventory assessment today

essential oils

to find out about using essential oils to enhance and encourage focus and positive learning environments at home and at school go here

i see you, i hear you 

and i understand

the WLN book is a guide to help you and your child navigate the special education system


come dive deeper with topics relevant to the education system and learn how to support your child at home and in the classroom

"My triplets had multiple delays....we found Debbie...she understood my kids and advocated for them...the girls are now thriving in school and in life!"
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