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Our mission is to have ONE MILLION children be seen for their abilities, not their disabilities!

How to Empower Children Beyond Disabilities

Unleashing Strengths: How to Empower Children Beyond Disabilities Have you ever felt different? One day as I was teaching elementary school. My students were at recess and I was checking my emails and scanning the subject lines to determine what emai...

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Person First Language

Person First Language A person is a person first and then any descriptions come after that. We would NOT say “the orange hat man”. We WOULD say “the man with the orange hat". Knowing this. Then this belief is true as well.  We would NOT say, “the Dow...

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Learning Strengths Inventory

Who's Learning Now - Learning Strengths Inventory™  If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.  ~ Ignacio Estrada Do you know HOW your child learns? Do you know their preferred way of taking in new information?...

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The Learning Strengths Inventory is a tool used by parents and teachers to support their children's learning styles and strengths.

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