Thankful for 3 Types of People

Thankful for 3 Types of People

At Who’s Learning Now, weI believe strongly that positive collaborative TEAMS are the true foundation to a child’s education. This week of Thanksgiving there is a lot to be Thankful for. 

Today (and everyday) We are grateful for you, these TEAM members!!

You, the Student. Our kids, our students have been through a lot. They have given their best, taken risks, gone outside of their comfort zone to learn new things. They’ve done what’s asked of them and rose to the challenge. In good times and in tough days, our kids showed up!!! Thank you!

You, the Parent. Be thankful for yourself. You have been challenged, learned new things and done the very best you could, every day!! Thank you for that!! You know your child best and advocate for them. Your kids and the educators thank you for constantly trying to be a positive, collaborative team member. Thank you!

You, the Teacher, Educator and Specialist. Teaching this year has been harder than ever before. Kids came to school, the very best they could. But many, maybe even most, showed up delayed in social/emotional development. Many came to school delayed in academics. No fault of anyone, it’s just how life unfolded. Thank you for meeting each and every student where they are at, providing support, services and teaching the child in front of you. Thank you!

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and share your gratitude. This year, maybe more than ever, we need to take a moment and be thankful for the students, the parents and the educators.

Thank you!!!

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