5 Tips to Prepare for a School Holiday Break

5 Things to do Before, During and After a School Holiday

We made it through the Fall. Transitioning from summer vibes back into the routine of school. Adding routines around bedtimes and wake ups, homework, sports and activities. I’ve heard many families say, “it’s a lot.” Yes, I agree, it’s a lot. Especially when most of our kids have not had a typical school year for 2 years. Change is hard. Even harder when you aren’t used to doing it for a while. 

And just when you adjust to the new Fall routines, bam, here comes a school vacation. A break from school and activities can be welcoming and needed. It can also come with some frustrations. Here is a list of 5 things that you can do before, during and after any school holiday to make it a little easier, and not so frustrating. 

Talk with your kids. Be curious. Ask them how they feel about a break from school. Do they even know there is a break? Some kids are just plugging along, they don’t even know there is a vacation. Some kids know and welcome the break. Some kids are nervous and anxious about the break. They may have questions. What are we doing? Are we traveling? How are we getting there? When are we leaving and when are we coming back? Where are we going? Who will be there? 

Talk with you kids, asking them what they know and what questions they may have. Not just telling them what’s happening 5 minutes before or worse, in the moment that it’s happening. 

Make a plan. Depending on their age. Include them in the plans. Having them feel like they are in control will help them feel more comfortable. They will feel as if their opinion matters. They will feel more like a Team!!

Make it a win-win situation. Along with the plans, it’s about everyone feeling like they are winning. Parents get what they want AND kids get what they want. 

  • We are going to Nana’s house, what toys do you want to bring? 
  • We are going to Auntie’s house, but not until the afternoon, what do you want to do this morning? 
  • We are going to be with family on Thursday. Do you want to plan something with your friends on Saturday?

Reset Expectations.  Sometimes as parents we expect our kids to act a certain way or respond a certain way. During a break in their routine, sometimes that can be hard for them. They may act out or behave in a way that isn’t like themselves. Instead of reacting and getting mad, be curious. Why are they acting differently? Are they are at a home with a bunch of adults and are expected to “behave”. Are they on an airplane or in a car for hours at a time, and need to stretch and get their energy out? Are they just out of their routine? Stepping back from the situation and seeing how and why they may be acting differently, will help you both understand. It will help you respond in a way that is more loving and seeing their needs, versus just reacting to their naughty behavior. 

Give time to adjust. Giving children TIME is the best gift ever. Time to adjust to the holiday schedule. Time to adjust to the travel plans. Time to adjust to the jet lag or the non-routine days. Not rushing them, and just giving them time, will help ease stressful moments!

Having a break from school, work and activities can be wonderful and so needed. At the same time, taking away routines and structure can add more stress. Being aware, being curious and asking questions can help you and your child. Remember, parenting is about building relationships, not just getting through the day or the holiday. 

For more tips on how you can help support your child and how to bridge the relationship between home and school, visit or join our Facebook Group where I go further in to this topic and more, plus you have a community full of parents and educators just like you! 

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