debbie g. sharp

"do what you can, 

with what you have, 

where you are."

-Theodore Roosevelt

I believe in a positive, collaborative approach
to improve a child’s educational experience  

All experiences are focused on their strengths.
What they naturally do well instead of instead of focusing on their weaknesses.
Ensuring them the greatest chance of success.  

wln learning strengths inventory™

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essential oils

to learn more about essential oils and how they promote a positive learning environment

     i see you, i hear you, and i understand

the WLN book is a guide to help you and your child navigate the special education system


come dive deeper with topics relevant to the education system and learn how to support your child at home and in the classroom

meet debbie

My name is Debbie Sharp. I am an educational consultant, special education advocate, wellness advocate and owner of who’s learning now, LLC. 

I see ideas. I see possibilities. I see the power of positive collaboration. Whether bridging the gap in the education process for our children, supporting parents, or teaching the benefits of essential oils in the educational space, you can count on me to passionately advocate for YOU.

“Before Debbie came into our lives, everything seemed like a challenge. Learning and life were very difficult. After we started working with Debbie, my son started to flourish…”