Do What You Can,

With What You Have,

Where You Are.
                   ~Theodore Roosevelt

Using a collaborative approach, I will guide the family through the special education continuum (Referral, assessment, IEP development and implementation) that will follow their vision for their child.




As an educational consultant, I will clarify the special education laws to help empower families to understand their rights, as they become a true partner in their child's education.

Specializing in general education, special education & advocacy for children.  978-494-6605

For the past 20 years I have educated students in General Education Classrooms, Special Education & Early Childhood Programs.  I know how to teach new skills and modify curriculum to differentiate  instruction for all learners.

Through evaluation, observation and interviews, I can determine a student's  strengths and weaknesses.  Informing the parents of their child's learning style  allows them to play an important role in their child's education.




Who's Learning Now, LLC offers education consulting and provides personal guidance through the special education process.  Having an advocate can provide comfort during what can often be a very solitary and confusing journey.